Top 3 Recommendation LED Headlights Bulbs for Your Car

If you want to have stunning car, LED headlights bulbs may be the things that you need to upgrade the performance. There are so many companies that produced the LED bulbs for the past few years. offer high quality headlights bulbs for your car to replace the stock halogen or HID bulbs.
Are you looking for the best headlight bulbs for your car? Here is some recommendation for LED headlights products you should buy. It will make your car looks so stunning and super cool while you drive it on the road.
Top 3 Recommendation LED Headlights Bulbs
1. Glowteck EXTREME360 Headlights Bulbs
Glowteck EXTREME360 come with the best quality materials. It has CREE LED chips that completed with AirFlux Dual Cooling Technology. This headlights bulbs are easy to plug’n’play installation with great brightness and water resistant. Make this LED headlights products are the right choice for your car performances and appearances.
2. AuxBeam F-S2 Bridgelux COB DRL Highbeam LED Headlights Bulbs
This LED headlights bulbs from AuxBeam are made out of plastic, Aircraft grade Aviation aluminum case, and has high speed mute fan technology. It is rated at 36 watts to 72 watts per bulbs completed with 4,000 lumens. AuxBeam F-S2 using a bridgelux LED COB chips to make it looks brighter. The construction is waterproof.
3. Simdevanma All-in-One LED Headlights Bulbs
Simdevanma All-in-One using a Phillips LED chips with 8000 Lumens for each bulbs. It comes with shockproof body and dark spots removal technology, of course it is waterproof. This LED headlights bulbs are rated at 6,000K for color temperature which is pure white in color. There is no external LED driver box for this product, because it is integrated with the driver inside the bulbs.
That’s all about Top 3 Recommendation LED Headlights Bulbs for Your Car. All of the products might be worth to try.

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