Here Is the Procedure for Using propane gas safely

1. The kitchen where the stove and LPG cylinders must have good air circulation space. Aside from that, check out the recommended propane delivery service near your location as well.

2. The hose must be tightly attached to the clamp on the regulator or stove.

3. LPG cylinders should not be placed adjacent to the side or parallel to the gas stove. It is recommended that the gas stove is positioned above and the LPG tube below with a distance of 1 meter.

4. The tube must not be placed upside down.

5. When the regulator is installed, make sure it is not separated from the tube valve.

6. When going to turn on or turn on the stove, pay attention to the following things:

If the kitchen room smells of gas, then do not turn on the stove, turn on the lights, matches, or turn on the kerosene stove

When changing the LPG tube, where the regulator is installed and there is a hissing sound from the tube and smells of gas. So do not make the stove turn on, turn on the lights, matches, or turn on the kerosene stove.

The smell of LPG in the kitchen should not be removed using a fan

7. Leaking LPG cylinders should be taken outside the yard or exchanged back to the original place of purchase.

8. When you turn on the gas stove in the morning or evening you should first open the doors and windows in the kitchen and make sure there is no smell of gas, then you can turn on the stove.

9. Do not strike the plug-valve (gas cylinder neck) especially LPG does not come out of the tube. It is better to exchange it back to the original place of purchase.

10. Do not use gas stoves and kerosene stoves simultaneously in one kitchen room.

11. Before installing the regulator, make sure the rubber is installed in the valve.

12. Clean the regulator hose after cooking using soapy water to avoid the bite of mice or other animals.

13. If the LPG inside the tube has run out, it will be marked by a reduced fire on the gas stove. If this happens, immediately exchange the tube and refill LPG.