The Facts and Myths About Washing Machine

The washing machine is here to make it easier for you who are tired of washing using your hands. With clothes washing machine, housework will be completed more quickly and practically. Along with the development of the times, washing machines have become increasingly sophisticated, making it even easier for you to wash. With automatic panel control and one multifunctional tube, you no longer need to lift, rinse, even squeeze the laundry. The lavadoras industriales seems never stop providing the options so that you can easily find various types of products on the market with different price and features.

Even with a digital navigator that is contained as in the front opening washing machine, you can automatically find out how long the washing time is needed. This sophisticated washing machine has several facts that are superior if you compare it with the top opening washing machine.

Damaged easily

Many people think that the front opening or front load washing machine is no better than the top opening washing machine. According to some people, the engine on this washing machine is susceptible to mold and mildew. However, in fact, this can only happen to all types of washing machines if not properly and periodically treated. Preferably, clean the clothes washing machine at least once a month to avoid unpleasant odors due to residue or used a washing. The lid of the tube should also be opened slightly after washing so that the water in the tube dries so that it prevents rust which can damage the engine.


With a higher engine speed compared to other types of clothes washing machines, front opening washing machines are always considered to be noisier. In fact, this clothes cleaning tool does not cause excessive vibration resulting in noise. With the technological sophistication of the control panel application, this washing machine does not produce noise.

Energy saving

One more thing, it turns out that the unique fact of the washing machine is being able to save energy, Mom! One of them saves water because this machine does not require much water. Just imagine, if you use another washing machine, the use of water for washing can reach 80 gallons for a week.