These Are the Causes of Your Hair Stopping Growing

Healthy and shiny hair will give an attractive appearance. For men and women, hair is an important part of supporting appearance. That’s why men and women take care of their hair very carefully, especially women. For women, hair is not just a complement to appearance, but an important factor to attract the attention of others. Many women follow the development of hairstyles from year to year using references on the internet. One such reference is from Black Health and Wealth. On the website, there are various types of models and hair colors as desired.

During hair treatment, people often encounter problems, such as hair loss or hair that suddenly stops growing. This really sucks. If we don’t know the cause, it will be difficult to find a way to prevent it. Here we will give some reasons for hair that stops growing:

– Branched Hair
Some women try to keep their hair as long as possible, by avoiding haircuts. Sometimes it makes the ends of the hair lose moisture. Then the hair becomes drier when exposed to chemicals. The tip of the hair will become split into thin strands that cause hair to become damaged from the tip to the base. It is best to cut the ends of the hair every 10-12 weeks so that it does not become split and remains moist to the roots of the hair.

– Hair Styling
Using hair styling tools triggers hair damage. The heat produced by these devices can cause hair to become split and dry. High temperatures used to make hairstyles can damage the hair shaft of the hair, thereby reducing hair growth. Use a hair moisturizer in the form of serum to prevent hair damage.

– Genetics
Each person has a different hair growth cycle. A person’s hair growth will be influenced by genetics. So that it is not only influenced by a certain time limit. Congenital genes from siblings and parents will affect the time limit for your hair growth.