Keto diet: Is This Good Choice?

Ketogenic lifestyle as much as possible using “real food” with a ratio of high fat, medium protein, and minimal carbo. This will make you tend to feel full longer, calorie dense, so that the nutrients you need are less than your daily needs. Eating 1-2 times is enough. For sure r to enrich the knowledge before you decide to run such a keto diet program, it can be best to choose some best ketogenic diet books. By having the book, you have the guide so that you can have the greater chance to get the optimum result and minimizing the mistakes that can ruin your program and your expectation. Whenever you are ready to buy the book, go to call us.

You can choose breakfast or not. The intermittent fasting / OCD / OCD program can help you get into ketosis more quickly. If a normal or underweight weight can be a simple breakfast with 1-2 eggs with a little beef.

Eat Beef, mutton, chicken, duck, fish, eggs, cheese and natural fats (coconut oil / VCO, cacao fat, olives).

Vegetables: not the main food, but can consume a little fiber from green vegetables, mushrooms, cucumber.
Fruit: For limited consumption of fruit from avocado and coconut.
Beverages: Coffee, tea, water
Snack: Some types of beans can be consumed limited, gelatin

How long is the Ketogenic diet?
The purpose of the keto diet is different from most diets which limit calories. The ketogenic diet focuses on changing metabolism from glucose to ketones. The less consumption of carbohydrates eaten, the sooner you try ketosis. If you want to get maximum results, it’s good to do it strictly, and maximize it with fasting or intermittent fasting.

If your body weight is ideal and there are no health problems, you are relatively freer (consume 20-100 grams of carbo). Should you run the keto diet lifetime? In principle, return to your destination. When we consume sugar or carbo, our body will automatically use glucose as fuel. Simple.

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