How You Can Keep Your Wifi Gets Protected

WiFi has become a necessity for communicating life today. Not only in public places (malls, cafes, restaurants) in homes have also been using WiFi to share internet connections to smartphones, gadgets, game consoles, smart TVs, laptops and desktop PCs. Did you find the best wifi site survey Toronto?

Most users do not know that WiFi networks are easier to break, steal, or attack. Usually, users miss a few things that must be considered if installing a wifi device and can result in losses that you do not realize.

Disadvantages of Not Noticing WiFi Network Security:

– Do you subscribe to the internet with packages based on Quota? guaranteed your bill can swell, even though you already know the exact amount of quota you are using.
– Reduce the speed of your internet connection, because you share connections with users you don’t know.
– Your security is threatened because it allows other users to access your important data through your personal WiFi network.

Then how can you be sure that no user has secretly stolen your internet and computer access via a WiFi / wireless connection? Here’s how to protect and improve the security of your personal WiFi / wireless network:

Choosing a Password that is Hard to Guess

Make a long or random wifi password, so they have a hard time guessing it even though they are assisted by an application to break into brute force passwords. Create a complicated password for at least 12 characters and mixed with uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Most gadgets/devices can remember passwords, just enter a password once and the smartphone or laptop will save it. So when you are going to connect a second time and so on, you don’t need to re-enter your wifi password.

Change WiFi Password Periodically

By changing the password periodically, because maybe the old password is already known by other users. Can make the user unable to reconnect. Change your WiFi router device username & password. Don’t forget when your WiFi settings first always change the default username password with the wireless router, usually only the username: admin password: admin. It is strongly recommended to be replaced with your personal password.

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