Building Lighting Tips

Lighting is an important component of a building, which functions to illuminate a room, area, or ornament in a building. Lighting is divided into two types, namely natural lighting and artificial lighting. Artificial lighting requires electrical energy to illuminate a building when the sun has set. To save energy, buildings must be designed as efficiently as possible to get natural lighting from sunlight. By utilizing sunlight in the afternoon, electricity consumption can be more economical because artificial lighting is only operated at night. If you need help installing lights, you can contact a ls electrician.

Understand and know the direction of the building
Before building or buying a house, you should know the direction of the wind and where your house is facing. After determining the position of the house, you can plan the position of windows and vents for efficient lighting for your home.

Set the building north-south
Present a house or building that you will build to the north or south because in this direction the intensity of the light received is enough to illuminate the whole house if the lighting is effective. Also if your home faces north or south, the light received is relatively stable throughout the day. To deal with excessive heat, use curtains or plants to reduce light intensity.

Use various types of openings (vent)
The use of vents such as glass windows, glass doors, or air vents can provide the efficiency of building lighting. Previously you also had to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each type of vent, then adjust it to the needs of the room you want. For example for the family room, you can add skylights so that natural sunlight can illuminate the space. As for the bedroom, use a glass wall or window to lighten the room naturally. Then for bathrooms and kitchens, it is better to use air vents and skylights which have two functions, namely lighting and air circulation.

Use curtains or plants as a filter for sunlight
The sunlight entering too much into the room is not good for you, because it can make the room feel hot. To banish the intense sunlight, use thin curtains, curtains, or the like. In addition, you can put plants in front of your house so that the incoming light is not too intense.

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